Smoking Cigarettes is so last Century

Isn’t it about time to wave them goodbye for ever?  As a cigarette smoker you’re stuck with paying horrendous prices for your nicotine fi. Well if your serious about giving up smoking going over to vaping is you best option.

This is how I stopped smoking tar and swaped smoking for vaping.

Let me tell you it was a hard mountain to climb and many a time I drifted back into smoking so I do understand what you go through ESPECIALLY if you have been a long time smoker like I was


and save a fortune in the process.


Have you tried these methods, started off well and then failed after a few weeks.

Nicotine gum?

Cold turkey?




If you’re thinking of quitting smoking, the smart money is on vaping.


And the good news is you’ll save a heap of cash using our UMAMI steam juice compared with any other method.



5 ways vaping can help you stop smoking


  1. It maintains the smoker’s reflex

Unlike many other methods, vaping lets you maintain the social and psychological attachments you’ve made with the act of smoking.

It doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve lost a ‘part of yourself’. At the same time, it’s at least 95% less harmful than cigarette smoking, and not far off that in terms of the money you’ll save.

  1. Vaping emulates the throat hit that cigarettes deliver. It’s a deeply physical sensation, not a sterile and unsatisfying replacement.
  2. It couldn’t be easier.

There are no prescriptions, meetings or appointments. You just take things under your own steam.

  • It puts you in control. There’s no sudden cessation cliff to navigate. You control the amount of nicotine you vape, and you can reduce this as slowly as feels right. Indeed, the expert advice is the slower the better.
  • It’s a world full of flavours.

Perhaps the best thing of all is that you’ll be experimenting with flavours as your nicotine drops. In time, you’ll simply vape for pleasure rather than need – a million miles from that desperately addicted must-have rush that cigarettes left you with.


Ready to quit?

If you’re ready to quit smoking, and fancy tasting Cookies and Cream rather than ash tray every time you need a nicotine hit, then browse our range of flavours and kiss that habit goodbye.